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Sema 2010

PCM Tuning/Dyno Testing

About our Dyno

Monster Motorsports new 2010 Dynocom model 1800X rated at 2500HP/225MPH with massive electric Eddy brake, is state of the art and what we use for all of our Dyno Testing and Tuning. The load capability allows us to hold a car at any RPM and load setting for a specific time period to progressively tune the car at these desired ranges. This allows us to adjust the air fuel mixture accurately at both low RPMs and high RPMs/wide open throttle without ever taking your car on the road. We utilize dual AFR gauges, register boost and fuel pressure. This Dyno in conjunction with HP tuning software will provide our customers with one of the most accurate and efficient performance tunes that money can buy.

Your High Performance Car Deserves This Dyno!

Our Dynocom Dyno has these additional benefits over all other dyno competitors.

Speed Sensor Pulses/Revolutions = 100. Others = 60 max.

Load Cell A/D Resolution = 24bit. Others = 12-16bit.

Steady State Accuracy (Speed) = +-0.1Mph. Others = +-0.5Mph.

Rpm/Speed Resolution = Interrupt. Others = Sampled.

Software GUI = 32bit Win32. Others = Win32 DOS ETC.

PAU Control = Up to 1,000 Point Feedback Sample rate. Others = 100 Max.

Michanical Design = Highest Speed/Load/Power in its class. Others = Old Design.

HP Tuning Software

With our HP Tuning software we will optimize fuel economy, Horsepower and Torque with a full overview of all Parameters we will adjust timing tables, Air fuel ratio, Temp/Fan settings and much more for your MAF style cars. Speed Density tuning is also availible.

 Vehicle                                                                Price 


 Street tune  $299
 Cars with stock engine Exhaust/intake O.K  $450
 Cars with Cam only Dyno tune  $500
 Cars with Heads and Cam Dyno tune  $550
 N/A Speed Density Dyno tune  $599
 Forced Induction MAF Dyno tune  $650
 Forced Induction Speed Density Dyno tune  $750



*Prices Subject to Change